Our Convictions


PLEASE NOTE: The statements below are that of Yocum Lodge 897 only, they were voted on by unanimous vote at a legal stated communication, and does not represent the statements of any other Masonic Lodge or any or all Grand Lodges. We support and encourage our statements and welcome any and all Masonic Lodge's to join us in our stand for our principals.

1. We fly the flag of the United States of America with pride, and include the words ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

2. We agree that the basic principals that our nation was founded on includes the Ten Commandments, these are posted on our Lodge Wall.

3. Our Holy Bible is in the center and IS THE CENTER of our Lodge for all faiths to gather the light.

4. We support and encourage the statement in the Bible that says, Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman.

5. Our Lodge is not and has never supported only one type of faith, we only ask that each person shows his support for only ONE GOD.